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Ok guys lets see how are we are going to make our builds. Here is the link to it.!dfT!cbYacb

Here's mine. With only a 5 second downtime on Call of the Ancients.

I'll tweak it for pvp.
Should probably just do this in the class pages.
If skills are swappable..why bother to go with any set build, let alone post it.
Witch Doctor with a Mass Confusion (Duration: 8 secs, Cooldown of 60 secs) with Golden Rune brings the Cooldown to 4 secs? Sounds quite safe.
Witch Doctor Sacrificial -> Crazy damage modifier combo:!YdX!baaYZa

270% dmg + 50% attack bonus.
Builds should be posted in their respective class forums.
Call of the Ancients is kinda lame for barbarian...everybody is going to take it v.v
Like I have said in other threads, COA 5 sec cd is assuming that gcd starts when you use it versus at end of those 85 sec, so you COA for 15 sec, after that 120 starts, or you do COA for 85 sec, and then 90 sec with passive, etc. I highly doubt you can call them every 5 sec, could also just be unbalanced, etc.
Will probably try a Barb for one of my first characters.!bYh!bacbcZ

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