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After tinkering with the skill calculator it appears to me that we may see the return of the Fishymancer from D2. I wonder if Blizzard took that into account with the content seeing as how the summons, spells, and hexes seem synonymous with the Necromancer class from D2. What are your guys' thoughts about a Fishydoctor? What do you believe about it's viability?

In the event some of you do not know about the Fishymancer, it is basically a straight up summoning Necromancer from D2 who could clear Hell mode with most points in summoned creatures with a few spread out through curses. It could clear Hell mode naked. It was also useful for MFing, and was relatively cheap to do so. Sort of an easier-starter-mfer for D2.

I think there are a lot of possibilities. A pure summon witch doctor is definitely one of them. As far as viability, no one knows.
Fishy relied on corpse explosion for his damage. What do you think the substitute will be out of the available witch doctor skills
A demon dog, Sacrifice sorta of combo I think. It looks like there will have to be at least 1 other offensive spell in your arsenal because sacrifice only works on your dogs and not the corpses of other baddies. The Big Bad Voodoo spell looks interesting since with the proper rune, it gives a 75% chance to raise a corpse in the ritual area as a dog that you can sacrifice. The Sacrifice spell itself can be enhanced to have a 70% chance to revive the dog you sacrificed with a specific rune as well. Seems like they sort of want you to go in that direction if the Fishymanceresque Witch Doctor is your cup of tea.
I believe it will work like a charm!

I had a Summoner Necro in D2 with Enigma and 1h Beast axe. Sick build!
Yea I was gonna say you'd either want to go for Leuk's dog sacrifice / replenish build for dps

Or Acid Cloud with the crimson rune, which turns it into an exploding corpse. It looks like the best for instant AoE damage, it just comes with a hefty mana cost


Has all the summons (corpse spider, zombie dogs, gargantuan, hex and fetish army), and then relies on Acid bomb as the one spell you cast for aoe dps (runed to make it an instant explosion)

Uses the Blood Ritual passive combined with a life steal on the zombie dogs which also heals you, and the heal on the hex to be able to effectively cast the acid bomb with a reduced mana cost and out-heal the damage you take. Could be viable
The main problem I see with this is that we're looking at the skills and building our characters from a perspective of a level 60 with level 7 runes -- sort of the best case scenario at the earliest we can get this.

I need to dig around for the stats and modifiers by level 1 and 2 runes, which is what is in the beta, and when I get in (hopefully!) I can test out some stuff with the fishydoctor. I have a feeling that the return on the dogs and sacrifice will be abysmal during the early stages of leveling and we'll have to resort to 3 dogs tanking while we throw acid darts/clouds around to mop up. Slow and steady wins the race I suppose! If it is anything like the Fishymancer, we'll be watching our doggies kill stuff while we poke and run around and/or throw poison darts from afar til we're out of mana!

WTB Hasaru's Iron Heel so I can run fast in Beta!!! =P
Actually scratch that, Acid Bomb is not worth the mana

Instead you use Zombie charger with alabaster rune, making it summon a zombie dog that explodes instantly, for more damage than sacrificing and more than firebomb, but less than acid bomb, but for only 229 mana

With the mana saved you can easily invest in Pierce the Viel passive.

Build is here:!dXV!ZYbabY

Build with Big Bad Voodoo:!dXU!ZYbabZ
I plan on doing as close to zookeeper as i can get. Pets pets and more pets. If i can rune to lower the recast time i'm taking it. I want a big ol' wall of meat between me and the minions of Hell.
haggis you keep posting builds with no zombie dogs. gg.

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