Infinite grenades

Demon Hunter
I noticed that if you use a gold runestone and Grenadier with grenades, the hate cost drops to 0. This seems to lend itself to some impressive spamming abuse, considering that grenades have no cooldown. Just thought I would throw that out there.
Just thought I would throw that out there

i see what you did there
ie. just equip the fastest weapon in the game and spam grenades and traps until everything is dead. Weeeeeeeeeeee.
Grenades only do a limited amount of damage, though. At high levels, I'd imagine your basic bow shot will do more damage.
Have you seen the range on them? They don't exactly go across the screen....
Where are you getting it reduced to zero?
09/17/2011 05:29 PMPosted by Shahamut
Where are you getting it reduced to zero?

The golden rune for the grenades plus the passive that reduces their cost.
It is my guess that the passives will take effect before rune placement. Passive reduces it by 15 to 15. The Rune would further reduce it to 12.5... This would of course mean that having the passive AND the rune would not be your best option, unless the passive or rune has another benefit outside of cost.
soooooo ... we dont know if they stack yet or not?
Even if they didn't stack like you think they would you would regen faster than you could spend it, much like using evasive fire non-stop.

However, Grenades right now do very little damage, don't scale with weapon damage, and unless there are masses of mobs, hungering arrow and evasive fire are much much better.

Somtimes I can get 5 target with a single hungering arrow that does 3-5 times as much damage as a grenade (depending on crits).
30-15-12.5 =2.5 not 0
09/18/2011 01:47 PMPosted by Rabidwhale
30-15-12.5 =2.5 not 0

The Golden rune reduces the cost TO 12.5, not by 12.5.
Then go ahead and spam grenades.
Now they do scale with weapon damage, AND they GIVE you hatred. This skill went from useless to really good, really quick.
09/14/2011 03:43 PMPosted by Immortalize
Have you seen the range on them? They don't exactly go across the screen....

Yes, you can throw them across the room. You have to find an aiming system that works for you. I have them bound to the number 2 and realized they get thrown to the area where my mouse is on screen. Mouse-over the clustered enemies, press 2... And they go where I wanted. Including across the room.

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