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Okay Baal and Marius, D2. WHY did Baal kill Marius?

Think you of the fact that Baal came in disguise anyway, and that Marius believed he was Tyrael. NOW, I know what you're thinking "Hee deed eet cuz he's EEEBIL stoopid." Yes he is evil, probably as evil as "evil" gets being a demon lord. However if he's so evil (and he is) then...

* WHY didnt he kill Marius in the first place? That's right, since he KNEW Marius had the soulstone, he could have just taken it from him in the first place.
* WHY did he bother to stay awhile and listen to that whole story (and he didnt get the cinematics either)?

Ultimately for some reason he went "You havent failed me old man, you've done exactly as I wanted" *reveals identity* "Here's your reward." Which turned out to be a horribly painful death (unless you twist it into 'oh you get to savor oblivion instead of the nightmare to come; but he does have a bit of sarcasm unlike the other two). The thing is instead of killing him and torching the place, he could have always left just as easily as he came.
1) Like Shingan said, he probably didn't know where the stone was. And I doubt Baal had a great amount of power without it.

2) Probably because he was enjoying the whole thing. He was very amused into tricking Marius into handing over the stone, and he was definitely amused by Marius' reaction to him being Baal... and having just given the soulstone to him.

Baal wanted to play with Marius' head before getting the stone and killing him. Demons are kinda sadistic that way. >_>

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