Beta Rare item list .... work in progress

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posted this as well in the Items forums but wanted to share with more fans.

Thumbs up! Thanks man. =)
heres a list of legendary names off of a shady website someone linked in another thread about banned character names. i like how blizzard included the occulus ring :)
Unique = Legendary? I asked in the other thread but he didn't answer. (Might have been you...?)
well seeing that there are no uniques in diablo 3 im assuming that they are just named unique on this site seeing that griswalds edge is on this list and is also found in the beta. unique = legendary in diablo 3
Ahhhhh I see.
wow all the enchants are on that website too, or "enhancements".
Meh I'll pass on that. The game will be much more fun to find those things.
Nice to see quite a few names return.

The name of a rare has no bearing on the stats, they are just (usually) two random selected words put together.
Found an item that is not on JahBlades googledoc list.

Found the Doom Faze ring. Will post a screenshot from home.
thanks for sharing

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