Guide to checking your beta invite status

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nice thanks!
Thank you.

Hope to see you soon as well :)
Thank you best friend
Thank you, although that image gives me goosebumps.
Good luck to all!
That was very kind of you to take the time to post this for those who wanted to know what to look for. May many demons fall before you Tamer.
Nice to finally know what I have to look for - thanks!!

This is off topic but would me only having 1 game registered (SC2) do I have less of a chance receiving the beta?
09/20/2011 03:08 PMPosted by Bóó
I think there is a mistake ... my account doesn't show the same as that image :P
Good info, alot of people did not know how where to look for.

Your one of a few F&F testers that are actively posting in this forum.

Cheers m8
Tamer,why aren't you playing the game? I'd be playing the crap out of it
09/20/2011 03:19 PMPosted by ImaFungalYou
Thanks Johnathan :)

No problem guys.

09/20/2011 03:38 PMPosted by ShakeLife
Tamer,why aren't you playing the game? I'd be playing the crap out of it

I am a multitasker at heart.

09/20/2011 03:17 PMPosted by Mikeyy
-The box art screen will never show beta accounts

You are right on all accounts, execpt in the case of Starcraft 2, the Beta box art did show up, along with my other games.

Fixed. And now that I think of it, I believe the Cataclysm one showed up for me during Alpha.
09/20/2011 03:54 PMPosted by tOmmyg
Thanks for the heads up! I just know I'm gonna be selected :D so I will sit an refresh every two minutes for the rest of the night!

I'd go to sleep before Midnight PST. ;)
That's pretty much what I was expecting; thank you very much for the screenshot!
So its not a trap! Thanks for the info.
Very helpful post, would read again.

Were keys released today? When will they be released again?
I've been waiting for a screenshot of this....Another thing for firefox users....if you set your gmail ( as an apptab gmail will change the "0" to a "1" when you a new email or whatever number of unread emails you have in your inbox.
09/20/2011 04:06 PMPosted by CkPhX
Were keys released today? When will they be released again?

They aren't releasing "keys" per-say at this time. Rather, they are flagging accounts to immediately have access to the beta. This is so people don't sell beta keys on places like ebay and so you don't have to type out your key to activate anything.

Now, there will be keys in some shape or form. Off the top of my head, I can think of distributing keys to fan sites and the 1,000 keys promised at Blizzcon (though this might also be done through activation).

Today, all media/fansites got invited. An incredibly small number of people unrelated to F&F or media/fansites seem to have gotten in as well, though this seems to be up for debate.

It's possible more accounts will be flagged tonight, but I don't really know as they are usually given out in a single wave each day. I would expect more to go out tomorrow and the next day some time between noon and 8PM PST.
At the moment its still press that has gotten the keys, nobody has flooded any forums or reddit of typical average users that got their access, they are probably releasing more tonight or tomorrow so hang in there, but remember its a small amount of ppl getting invited.

Cheers and good luck !

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