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Demon Hunter
I really like the idea behind the duality of the demon hunter and how they are fighting to maintain control over their hatred for the demons by using their discipline. The duel resource system just doesn't have that push and pull to it. What if you had one resource called hatred, and hatred skilled filled up the resource and discipline skills depleted the resource. If the player maxed out hatred, they would go into a "demon" mode which would silence them and make them take increased damage but would also increase their damage for the duration. That could be a lot of fun playing a balancing act of trying to use both hatred and discipline together to maintain resource balance. And using that maxed ability to give that finishing touch to a boss. Just a thought to make the class more dynamic. Any thoughts?
I like your idea to have something happen to the demon hunter if the hatred resource is capped for along period of time. Also, i was thinking that the dual resources would be more dynamic if they were more intertwined.
For example:
1. You have hatred regenerate similar to the barbarians, always refilling, but refilling even faster the more enemies you have around.
2. Then you alter the discipline resource so that every time you use a discipline skill it causes your hatred to regenerate at a percentage it normally would. Powerful discipline skills would cost alot of discipline and reduce hatred regeneration greatly, while less powerful and more evasive discipline maneuvers would impact the regeneration less so, and would have a shorter cool down time.

This i think would allow for a more complex character, allowing players to choose either a more vengeful path, or a path that is patient and disciplined. In addition, i think it would give the player a greater variety of builds, because as it stands there is no risk to using discipline skills instead of hatred skills. Players need a system where there are times when u must be defensive at the cost of being less offensive. Any thoughts?
I like the idea of adjusting the resources, and intertwining them! My thought along these lines was that, if a DH has low Discipline, the Hatred cost of his Hatred-based skills rises; that is, as a hunter's Discipline wanes, he starts wasting energy in his attacks. Likewise, spending a lot of Hatred slows down Discipline regeneration; this reflects the DH being exhausted, and having a hard time pulling his head together.

Of course, the downside to this is, if one ability's low, the other drains pretty fast, and pretty soon the DH is out of everything ... I can see players not loving this plan. I think that would be a problem with Mr. Chalupa's plan, as well.

As for a Demon Mode if the DH runs out of Hatred ... I dunno that running out of Hatred should be rewarded. That said, a skill that provides a demon form for a really high Hatred cost (like Shadow Power, but Hatred based) could be a really cool skill to have:

Demon Form
Cost: ALL current Hatred. Duration: X seconds, where X is the Hatred spent. Cooldown: 120 seconds
While Demon Form is in effect, all the Hunter's attacks do +100% weapon damage. All damage the Hunter _takes_ is increased by 50%.

Actually, this would stack well with Shadow Power, especially runed correctly. Although the Duration might be a little unrealistic.

What do you think?

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