"Good" Knock offs of various creatures

Lore and Story
Ok, In the Lowest levels of Diablo I Each character class had his (and that one HER) own Evil knock off. The Warrior had those really cool Hell Knights, The Rogue had the Succubi and the Sorceror had the first Zakarum Priests you encountered. Three classes three evil counterparts.
Ok you also got your goatmen archers for the rogue mid level, and every skeleton was either weildng a sword or shooting a bow.

Diablo II comes along and it was a wee bit more complicated, But almost every class can expect an opponent as challenging to them at that level as the most powerful D1 Bad guys were to the D1 Heroes in Hell. But we get a few notable evil knock offs, The Amazon gets the Corrupted Rogue Archers in Act 1 and the Sabre Cats in Act 2, The Sorceress gets the Zakarum Priests of Act 3, The Necromancer gets the coolest, Oblivion Knights in act 4 (as well as Nilathak in Act IV) The Paladin gets the Re-animated Horde, and the Barb gets those Minotaur demons both of Act IV.

The Paladin has a counterpart on any foe that's Aura Enchanted, has Spectral Hit (Vengance) or could stun it's opponent.

The Martial Arts Assassin is like the Melee corrupted Rogue

The Druid is like any pack Beasts you come across, and we got opponents like that freezing cave thing.

(None of this is nececssarily Lore related, [Or being a corrupted version of a character class, this is why I didn't count the Zakarum Zealots as evil Knock offs of the Paladin] this is purely from the challenge they pose to the player, and their visual aesthetic)

So what are the Current character classes a "Good" Knock-off of.

My guess is

The Witch Doctor is like playing the Fallen Shaman, Fetish shaman and visually his head gear has the same variation as a Zakarum Zealot of D2, and they could spew curses like an Oblivion Knight.

The Wizard is like every spell casting variant of the early on mooks you face

The Barbarian is the closest Knight like thing in the Diablo-verse,

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