DH Resource Suggestion

Demon Hunter
Make hatred generate through basic attacks like barb, so you would have hatred generators and spenders, but keep discipline the same, working like mana.

Also make spike trap discipline based (or have it use a small amount of both).
I think they should leave it as it is and nerf every other class. Resource regen is crazy fast even at low levels. Every class should have to manage it.
Woot; looks like they are going with this... hatred generators and spenders with discipline working like mana. A nice hybrid of a couple of systems if I say so.
The runes and passives don't yet reflect this change so I'm going to wait before I say I love or hate this change but I'm going to lean towards hate9 since the demon hunter is now as generic as possible without eliminating discipline.
Spike trap does damage, caltrop only slows. only reason I think spike is a generator and caltrop is disc.
Now that it is a generator; i like spike trap.

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