Witch doctors : Use of bows?

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Hey what's up guys,

I noticed this item:


(Adds 81-171% more damage to Witch Doctors only)

It's funny because I can't really picture a witch doctor use a bow, really.

Can you?
It's odd, but then I remembered that there was a necromancer bow back in D2 so I suppose it isn't so odd but just not normal to see haha.
So you can go a range build with the WD that doesnt use blowdarts if you want.

Did you find any melee weapons for the DH, or anything ranged for the Bard or the Monk?
It has been said by Blizzard (Jay Wilson I think said this), that there are damage increasing mods for Wizards and Witch Doctors that can spawn on any weapon they can use.

I got a cool dagger earlier today that increased my Wizard's spell damage by 18%. I also saw a bow for Wizard damage, but of course I tossed that.
You have to remember that the damage on it not only increases weapon damage, but in turn, increases spell damage as well. (Due to the increase in weapon damage). Due to this, it scales incredibly well with higher damage weapons.
Hrm, can I picture that a member of a primitive, jungle-dwelling tribe uses a bow?

Look at the bow's icon, it looks tribal and tailor made for the WD class. I like it.
yay i love'em lol this is the beauty of Diablo

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