Queen's Tyrant build

Witch Doctor

hi forum folks. this build is a zombie heavy build that i recently came up with which may or mayb not be practical in the actual gameplay.

there are two reasons why i call it the tyrant build; the first being that one of your heaviest damage source will come from sacrifice, the second reason is that there will be many zombies on your screen at any given time similar to a zombie apocalypse as a reference to the T-virus.

if done right, this build would allow you to pull off t-virus byproducts of all size and shape off your @$$ and troll most if not all pixels that appear on your screen


-Summon zombie dog w/ obsidian.

to be honest, i dont like the name "zombie dogs", its like calling a Valkyrie an "Angry woman with a poke", but thats off topic.

obsidian rune grants the dogs with some extra 35% weapon attack each second for 3 seconds. i chose rabie dogs over flame dogs, which probably deals more damage, to fit the lore of the build. zombie dogs would be able to limit your opponent's movement in the arena since they usually dont want to run into the dogs to avoid baneling burst.

-Gargantuan w/ obsidian rune:

the increased poison damage would probably come handy in most scenarios. besides, the "big stinker" is a hilarious name.

-Sacrifice w/ alabaster rune:

this rune gives the dogs a 70% chance to respawn, making it a tiny bit more spam friendly.

-Horrify w/ alabaster rune:

though this skill doesnt really fit the lore, it would work well as an "oh feces" button for pvp and pve. alabaster rune grants increase movement speed after cast which comes handy for running away from things especially in the arena.

-wall of zombies w/ obsidian rune:

hopefully the zombies still block range attacks and hinder meelee movement with the obsidian rune. if so, you can use it as dps or a temporary safezone in arena. more over, the effect of this rune stone will be godly.

-grasp of the dead with obsidian rune:

just another handy skill to get away from meelee class and get closer to range class. with the 114% slow (if i understood the calculator correctly) anything would be forced to run backward in the aoe area. lol


spiritual attunement:
this build is going to be rather mana heavy so this passive probably would help.

zombie hander:
more health for the summons plus one extra zombie dog out at once.

fierce loyalty:
allow your pets to do more damage.
I really like the look of your build.
This would be the kind of build I would try for myself with the witch doctor which im planning on making my first hero.

The idea of having a small army with me really appels to me in this game :)
Grasp w/ Obsidian results in 64% reduction in speed.
@ TheNoob
hopefully a pure summoner wd is viable, if that is the case, i would probably drop horrify for fetish army and switch out the mana passive for the one with cooldown reduction. but anyway, glad u liked it :)

yea i think it is most likely a bad description, 64% total speed reduction would make much more sense but ill probably drop grasp of the dead if thats the case.
Honestly I would take out Grasp of the Dead and Horrify for this. You will have Gargantuan, Zdogs and Zombiewalls playing keep away from you and the baddies so there is no need for either a Fear or snare CC.

Besides you could keep to your theme by removing those 2 spells and adding Zombie charger with alabaster rune for a good aoe burst zombie dog of doom (you lack a spammable damage spell so this would fix that) and then I would pick some utility spell.

Actually keep Grasp of the Dead just put a red rune in it for some nice extra aoe dps. This way you get some good passive damage and keep at least one CC.

Looks like this : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#bhTXkY!bXV!ccaacZ
I would use the crimson runestone for Sacrifice. +40% to all damage is HUGE (i am guessing all pets will be affected by it).

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