More than 4 players in a game

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Rhaenys... what happens with expansions then? Do they increase it further?

They picked 4 because in their tests it felt best... so I'll trust that lol

Don't have to. I just felt that having the ability to have all five characters in game would make it better, 4 just seems limited. I'm not Blizzard though, nor have I played the beta, so maybe with only 4 people, it is best.

And yeah, I know that Diablo 1 had only 4 players as well. Sure will suck for people who have more than 3 friends they want to play with.
i say they should atleast make it 5 players per game(1 for each class)

besides blizzard said something about 5v5 arena matches
Act 1 looks good in the beta but hopefully they open the game up more in the next 3 acts and its less linear, similar to D2

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