Weapon damage as spell damage?

Witch Doctor
Hello all!

I'm here to ask a very quick question about the whole "Spell deals 50% of weapon damage per second as poison for 3 seconds" thing... Well, I was just wondering, is this based off of weapon DPS? Or is it based off of the low end or high end of the weapon damage, or something. Trying to do a comparison between alabaster Haunt and Crimson Poison Dart. If anyone knows anything, a comment would be awesome.


on a side note:

There was a thread a little further down, and no one seemed to know, but I decided to make another thread about it just in case that thread was buried and no noticed it/answered it.

Link to Original post: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/3229385131
If it is the same way as the barbarian, it is based on min/max damage, and speed of the weapon = casting speed.
Awesome, thanks a ton

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