End game 2h crossbows look rubbish

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I understand that items are subject to change etc etc ...

From what it looks like, the top end Legendary 2h crossbows have the same skin with a few legendaries having spectacular skins like hellrack. There are also no set 2h xbows

The Riveter


Shock Bolt Launcher

They all have the same graphic appearance? I mean damn, the lvl 42 Hellrack looks nicer. Also whats with the terribly bad DPS on them? The hand xbows have similar AND higher DPS, and they are 1 hand.

IMO looks like DH is been pigeon holed into duel wielding, 2h crossbows need some love before release.
You understand that these are not the skins that will be in the retail version of the game, but you are going to rant nonetheless? The game isn't done hence beta.
yup, not all the skins of the weapons, armors etc had been finalized, hence the temporary generic is on display at the moment..
Another case of "selective reading."
regardless of skins, the info we have now, still shows that the comparison of DW DH and 2h bow DH are not remotely close. even with passive of archery.

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