WD pet/utility build, LF feedback.

Witch Doctor
Here is the build:


Here's the justification:

Killing trash is done by a combination of zombie dogs, gargantuan, and zombie charger (which looks to be like a kind of witch doctor version of wizard disintegrate: spammable aoe in a line). Pet damage is supplemented with voodoo army which is up 20 seconds out of every 37.5 seconds (with golden rune and tribal rites passive). Presumably individual little dudes in the army are squishy, but the dogs/gargantuan will take most of the damage for them. Zombie dogs leech life with damage for better tanking.

Haunt is the boss killer. With the alabaster rune, it looks to be a nuke that does almost 400 damage per cast (very quickly too, as long as mana holds out). If 3 haunts can go out in 2.1 seconds, that's about 560 dps.

Mana regeneration is handled by the vision quest passive. I have exactly 4 cooldown skills: dogs, gargantuan, fetish army, and big bad voodoo. Keeping all 4 on cooldown ought to fuel mana consumption for charger/haunt. If this is unsufficient, it's possible to slot haunt with the golden rune if not fighting a boss.

Big bad voodoo is the utility cooldown. With rune switching it can be configured either as a aoe heal, a burst dps cooldown, or a sustained dps increase.

I'm guessing this is for PvE Normal difficulty since you didn't say otherwise.

It looks good for the purpose you built it for. Just note that Zombie Charger is a medium range spell. So to ensure the zombie(s) are piercing 2+ mobs, you'll want to be standing at short range. With a front line of dogs + gargantuan, that shouldn't be a problem.

With the dogs + gar + fetish army, I wonder if there will be a traffic jam at the front with so many melee pets going after similar targets. If that is the case, Soul Harvest would be a good skill to swap in for the cooldown and the attack buff. Attack boosts your spell damage and your pet damage FYI. I think you'd kill enemies faster with Soul Harvest and you can pick damage or utility for the rune.

Against packs of trash mobs, eight lines of Zombie Chargers should cover aoe support for the pets.

Multiple beta testers have confirmed that Haunt can be stacked three times on one target. So if you're trying to burn down a lone boss, your spell rotation would be: Haunt1 > Haunt2 > Haunt3 (after casting this, Haunt1 expires) > Haunt1 > Haunt2 > Haunt3 > Haunt1...hehe.
Spooky: Yes I agree, re: haunt on bosses, hence I said haunt was the boss killer. I am not sure how viable pet builds are on higher difficulties, of course. I am hoping Blizzard took WoW lessons to heart and added pet scaling.

Interesting point on "traffic jam" issues. I played skeleton necro in D2, and it wasn't a huge issue, but then a lot of those pets were skeleton mages which were ranged...

Thanks for the feedback.

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