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Do you have to buy Diablo 2 to be able to play LoD? Or can I buy LoD alone?

Thanks, Sorry didnt know where to post this besides here.
you have to buy both.

Cheapest I've seen the retail is some of the 3rd party retailers on amazon.com, with the battle chest @$20.
You have to buy D2 first, as LoD is an expansion, adding content to the original client.
usually you can get the two as a packaged deal though. I've been playing a Wind Druid recently, just hit level 43. Way more fun then I remember. The drop rates in single player are much better than I remember.
Awesome, thanks! I guess Amazon it is. There is no way im payin 40$ for those lol.
You can get the Diablo battlechest for $20.00 at any nearby tech store such as; best buy and target. I usually got my games at Best Buy because they're fairly cheap.

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