Funny diablo 2 stories?

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I remember playing diablo 2 a bit when my brother first got it, then when I finally got my own copy I started a necro right away.

I was herp derping through act 1, I had just hit level 12 and got iron maiden, when a level 18 barb joins my game and asks to party with me. I said sure and invited him, and dropped a TP for him.

He came through my tp, made his own and went back to town. Hostiled me and came back through his TP.

My first thought was "OH !@#$." I managed to get a cast of iron maiden off on him just in time for his first, and final attack.

He swung at me once, I had 3 hp left. He died instantly, he left before I could even type "LOL!!!!".
You might call this funny. It sucked at the time haha.

Was playing hardcore. Had a level 50 something bowazon, Had a buriza and was starting to build up some other decent gear as well.

My buddy who was some sort of paladin was like level 70 something on hardcore, and had a BAD !@# merc with a nice weapon on it.

For some reason or another we hostiled each other, he was going to show me something, but i cannot remember what it was... Either way. He was already out of town and i walked out to follow him, neither of us thought of his mercenary... It 1 hit KO'd me on hardcore...and no i didn't have loot share on..

lol keep going, i love those kind of stories

i dont have one myself to tell
One time, i had a Ebotd, was going to trade it for a torch.

Mind you, this is when torch was first implemented in the game.

I dropped it and a guy popped outa the sewers and took it.



Trade windows. Lol.
no body ever used trade windows unless it was with a friend. Haxors were a foot!

not so much funny.. more.. !@#$%y.. But a friend of mine and i made an x-fer game... dropped all our stuff on the ground... and both left at the same time. Tried to get back in the game.. and it was closed. :( We ALWAYS said brb... and went one at a time.. but that time neither of us said brb.... and yeah..... many tears were shed that day.

one time a guy was going to trade me this maul that i wanted and i was gonna give him some of my best stuff but first he said i had to duel him for some reason, i cant remember why but he said hed trade with me after but he had to kill me first, so he killed me and told me to buy a bunch of pots to fill up my inventory and equip some garbage so i did and when i picked up my body all my stuff popped out onto the ground and he jacked all my stuff laughed and left.

its kinda vague still but thats how i remember it details are fuzzy.
yeah... thats !@#$%y. Diablo 2 brought out the worst in.. a lot of people. I learned not to trust ANYONE but my friends in that game. lol
09/24/2011 11:06 PMPosted by Rawry
yeah... thats !@#$%y. Diablo 2 brought out the worst in.. a lot of people. I learned not to trust ANYONE but my friends in that game. lol

yup, lesson learned.

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