Visual Armor Progression X Weapon Tier Cycles

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I think that it is awesome that Blizz has decided to make 18 different tiers of armor in terms of visuals, but I don't understand why weapons were left out in that aspect...
If you go to the items page and select the One-handed axes, you will see that there are 3 cycles of the same images. IMO battle axe's visuals could easily fit a 'nightmare' tier, and Marauder axe's visuals could easily fit 'hell' tier.
If it is too hard to make 18 different looks for every weapon, then IMO it would be wiser to organise the visuals in a progression of groups of three from the simpliest to the most impressive (3x Hand axe, 3x Broad Axe, 3x Double Axe, (...), 3x Soldier axe)
My concern is that an inferno character wielding Hand axes will look silly. :/
the items page is incomplete, both armors and weapons show a lot of repeats and placeholder art at this point.
I don't know dude.. The armor repeats are all using tier 1 visuals while weapon repeats are following a pretty clear D2 pattern. However I do hope you are right.

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