My issues with Demon Hunter~

Demon Hunter
Hello Blizzard and hopefully soon-to-be Demon Hunters~

I've played the beta recently at a friend's house, and I picked up the class in the game that none of my friends/brother decided they wanted to play, the Demon Hunter. Most peoples classes just went in with what they have always been in games with choices that are roughly the same as the classes in Diablo 3.

Now, I have leveled this character to 13, and I must say. There's a lot of good things, and a lot of bad things with it.

The bad things seem to outweigh the good by a lot. And it sucks. Now, I know this is just the beta, and I know changes are being made constantly. So here is my cry for hope for attention that someone might see this who works for Blizzard, and tries to make small changes.

When I first used the resources for DH, it got depleted rather quickly. I read the recent changes, and I approve. Regenning hatred + moves that give hatred = awesome. MY personal issue with it, is some of the Hatred spending moves, and there required use. If the Hatred pool stays at 100, its a pretty small pool to work with. I'd feel like a Barb, just not as strong. I have watched the other classes, all at lvl 13, and DH seems by far, the weakest. Which saddens me. Again, beta, I know.

The most devastating, was Monk it seems. Really good class. Then, probably Wizard. Then Witch Doctor, then Baba. Barb wasn't all that powerful til you get some of his better skills, like Frenzy. Then you just wreck face. But when compared to the DH, all classes have much better AoE moves, movement, and overall, simply better damage. My DH was lvl 13, with some gear crafted by our level 4 Blacksmith that we maxed out for fun. And when my DH is hitting for 20-80 with Impale crits on a Marked for Death target, then see a Monk dealing out 110-150 crits constantly, makes me not like the class so much.

Now you might say you need better weapons, that's great, but check all the bows on the Items list. I'm glad to see Hand xbows will be on par with big bows (better because of Attacks per second), but overall, the min to max ratio is pretty nuts. I don't want to be running around on high difficulties shooting things for about .25% - .5% of the damage all my allies are doing.

I have some issues with a few skills too, but I see them being reworked as well. Also, I see that some classes skills are being changed from a static damage, to a weapon % based damage. We have theorycrafted, and my personal view on it is casters will do less damage, but then again, it could be more. Only changes will tell.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed leveling the DH to 13, but then when I watched the other classes, DH seemed to lack a lot of luster. It feels slower, less powerful, and in its current state, resource starved.

I'm not asking for an overhaul of the class and make it King of Diablo, but just some tweaks to make it compete and not make us feel like the underdogs who made a bad choice.
imo the problem lies in the DHs defenses. Or complete lack thereof.
Are you using the 1handed crossbows? Currently the system in place heavily favors 2handed bow/crossbow. My Impale hits for 100-125 and crits for 150-185 without marked for death. I use a Light Crossbow with 13 dps on it.

09/26/2011 02:31 PMPosted by CondaMagoo
imo the problem lies in the DHs defenses. Or complete lack thereof.

Demon Hunters rely on discipline abilities for defense. Using Caltrops, Vault, and even Evasive Fire will help you survive much easier.
Based on what I've read the problem with DH's early game is that they are missing key abilities for hatred generation, defense and damage. I think they've addressed this.

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