Firebomb build?

Witch Doctor
Oh man, where do I start? lol

So I really like the idea of a WD, in particular the casting and AoE abilities of the WD. I really like the idea of Firebomb for AoE damage and my main attack. Is this viable?

To augment it and for later levels I was thinking I may need 1 more AoE spell to go with and 1 main single target DPS for bosses to kick things up a bit. So that would be 3 active skills in my build for damage leaving 3 others for utility/survivability/fun.

Which are MUST have utilities for this guy who, will likely be my trash/loot farming guy, who can also take down a boss here or there when needed? Do I need a single target damage spell?

Here are my thoughts for a build:

1) Firebomb with Conflag
2) Zombie Dogs with Leeching or Final Gift for health regen (I need a minion/pet to set up my AoE and thinking dogs may be good here. I'm open to an option of a single BEAST of a minion too if that might be better?)
3) Horrify with Stalker or Phobia. I like the idea of having a fear but I could also swap this for Hex but it is unclear how many enemies may be hexed into chickens during the 8 second the Fetish Shaman is out for. I don't mind the idea of Hex with Jinx (90% more damage) or Unstable Form for extra explosion damage when killed.
4) Spirit Walk with Jaunt. Maybe honored gift if mana is a big problem but I think the extended duration would be good.
5) An extra AoE spell: Locust Swarm or Acid Cloud or even some AoE abilities of the Frogs or Bats? Bats on Fire would be cool. Too many options.
6) Should I go with a single target spell like Haunt with Resentful Spirit? What about Poison dart with Flaming Dart rune?

Also I wouldn't mind getting the Sacrifice skill in there and I could possibly do that as my 6th skill? But then what do I do for single target dps? hmm

Passive Skills:

1) Spiritual Attunement
2) Pierce the Veil
3) And then one of Zombie Handler, Gruesome Feast (if I have final gift) or Death Trance for survivability. I could also go with Rush of Excellence if mana is a big problem. (Horrify and Spirit Walk).

So many options? Thoughts? Lol
I have to as as a whole I'm pretty disappointed with firebomb. I thought it was going to be really cool but even with a crimson rune the spell is still only dealing 115-141 dmg.

Compared to a lot of other spells and skills in the game that seems kinda meh. No stun, no knockdown, no buffs no dots. Yah I'll probably skip this one for pve and pvp.

That is unfortunate if it is underwhelming. I really want to play a WD bombing stuff but I may have to go Wizard then with Meteor. I just like the idea of the utility of a WD.

Either Wizard or maybe I go with some other AoE spells other than Firebomb.

Any chance it gets buffed before game goes live? If not no one will be using an underpowered spell.

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