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Demon Hunter
Listed are 5 abilities I would like to see change in some way or be added for Diablo 3.

1) Fan of knives is awful. There is almost no case where it is useful. The damage is to low, the cost too high, even the stun is a 20% chance.

If you want to slow someone down using caltrops or entangling shot works a lot better. Players will likely agree that they would prefer to use a melee attack in order to slow enemies down at close range instead of a summoning a bunch of throwing knives that go a short distance. The graphic is okay, but I don't think it fits the player type.

Conclusion 1: Instead throw 1-3 or maybe even 5 knives for a longer distance as the standard for this ability and maybe a rune makes it short range aoe. Other moves use long range throwing knives and I think that makes a lot more sense.

- However, I believe that this kind of attack could be replaced if the longer range and fewer daggers does not fit and knives just might not be daring enough to match the stigma associated with this demonic battle. If we're going to go ahead and say this is a completely new character, unlike the other three models, this new model should be embraced.

Conclusion 2: Get rid of fan of knives and make a shadow nova. It fits the shadow aspect and doesn't involve throwing a bunch of magic knives while spinning around. If we want more ideas, it can create a smoke screen, it can deal damage to the hunter and therefore do enough damage to be worth casting, it can slow enemies, or speed your character up. More possibilities. Less lame.

2) Chakram is awful. The only good way to use it is the damage per second shield.

Conclusion 1: Either make that the standard, which I still think still kind of not a good ranged class ability and a melee attack would suit it much better.

- or change it. You want it too look like the hunter has something a little extra to throw but don't want a boomerang or a shuriken? I can see why they both have real life tags, but you know what doesn't? - Unless you count Batman

Conclusion 1: Grappling hooks! Give the Demon Hunter a grappling hook. Barbarian has a spear, give the Demon Hunter a hook. Sure you can keep your vault, this one can run off hatred and bring you toward an enemy instead of bringing the enemy to you. You can attack one enemy to get away from a mob, or jump to an outside of the pack. You can even kick the enemy in the face, that'd be kinda cool. Now you have a balancing act, jump into the fray with hatred and jump back out with discipline, more fun, more skill, more play time.

Which brings me to the next problem we face:

3. Melee! There is none. Why. We can throw knives but we can't use them. Knives are a pretty important part of hunting, as was spears and lances in the past. Let's use the spear to keep our distance, let's use the knife to fend off foes too close. Anything. People will miss the javelins and want a replacement, this is guaranteed.

4. Rain of vengeance. I hate this spell as much as volley. It doesn't make an sense. At least rapid fire and strafe you're just shooting with "demonic speed" this spell just doesn't make too much sense. The Demon Hunter has enough aoe already.

Conclusion: I like that the runes make it summon demonic things, just make the rain be something more demonic oriented as well.

5. Multishot was cool. But it got old and never made much sense. Everyone liked the three shot multishot in world of warcraft better. I haven't seen the new one or know what it is like. Can anyone tell me which it is more like? I'd personally like to see a completely new version.

Conclusion: A multishot that takes advantage of the demonic abilities. Let's say the demon hunter runs entirely off instinct and shoots three or four times in rapid succession only aiming at the first target but automatically aiming at any other three in the immediate area. Like a demon hunter in warcraft three, blind as hell.

What I ask of you, the community:

Now I realize I've thrown out 7 or so ideas here and you won't like all them. But then, no one likes all the ideas and I'm sure some players like the original blizzard ones. 1) I ask that you just give a shout out to ones you do like, OR 2) give a good reason why one idea isn't as good (not jus "that's stupid"), OR 3) make some cool rune suggestions or standards by which you'd like to see my ideas implemented.

If there are other abilities that you think should be changed to fit the feel of the demon hunter and/or a range weapon class feel free to post although I believe most of the other attacks make a good amount of sense. I don't like sentry but it's just not my play style. It seems a good spell.
However... if we combine all the "bad" skills.. we obtain the ULTIMATE BUILD!!Wce!aZZaZb

I couldn't resist, I had to do it :D

But I can see what you mean. If Fan of Knives/Chakram is solely based on the damage it has, it might be problematic (not sure how the damage will stack with these skills, though). Something that might be nice to add is like 85% weapon damage + the other damage.

Rain of Vengence is kinda obscure, as there is a thread about this. But I am alright with it. It is like... I have my last offensive skill, it has a cooldown, and with no runes, it is just OK... However.. when I put this rune into it... SHADOW BEASTS! It is a pretty big jump though xD

I think they stated a while ago they didn't want the Demon Hunter to have any melee. Thus why there is no melee really.

Multishot is alright in my opinion. Have a bunch of archers far away? Multishot might be the thing you need (assuming it is an aimed AoE).

I think the idea of the Shadow Nova is kind of out there. Maybe Shadow Knifes or something. Exploding on impact (Fireball Nova ftw).
And the grappling hook doesn't seem too needed. It would act more as a Disc spell than an attack spell. If Chakram was more like Blade Sentinel (where is patrolled a spot and hits like whirlwind), it might be more viable of a skill (if the damage is already sub par as it is, I don't know if it is)... only if the radius of the Chakram is decent.. and not like that in D2...

If they seem too weak or the such, Blizzard might go back and amp them in a patch later. We will see I guess. I haven't played the game, so I cannot say too much on how bad/good skills are.
I'm sorry to hear that they have decided not to put any melee attacks at all. But then there are only 6 attacks to choose from at any one time and I can see why the decision was made.

The idea of them just being shadow knives is a pretty easy fix stigma wise, but they still need to work on the benefits. I think they should have more utility with such low damage. ->More importantly, what did you think about upping the cost to take damage in order to save your !@#. I don't see why you should use fan unless it was to get out of a big pickle. Or a small nutshell.

Rain of Shadow even.. I'd prefer that. I see no gain from Chakram though. Maybe if grappling hook is no good a spell that lets you target incoming missiles. Break arrow or something like that instead.
09/22/2011 02:48 PMPosted by Oofmyliver
what did you think about upping the cost to take damage in order to save your !@#. I don't see why you should use fan unless it was to get out of a big pickle. Or a small nutshell.

Not sure what you mean here? Did they increase the cost of Fan of Knives? >_>

I did read just now, however, that Fan of Knives can hit 1 target multiple times (possibly). Which makes it a bit nicer.

But yeah, I can see some possible problems with Chakram, being a based damage and not a % damage.
Awesome post! Agree with everything you said. Both fan of knives and chakram are useless imo too.
Agreed. I absolutely hate fan of knives. There aren't enough skills for a viable melee build so why is it there?

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