What class will you play on release?

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For those of you who have seen videos of the beta, which class do you think you will you start with on release? For me it's between the Wizard and Barbarian from what I've seen so far. In order I would say:

1) Wizard
2) Barbarian
3) Monk
4) Demon Hunter
5) Witch Doctor

I'm not a big fan of alts so I'll probably start with a Wizard and have a barb alt. whats your top 5 in order?
I thought i would start with wizard like you, but having seen the monk, i think i would enjoy that class quite a bit!!

I'd say, at this point in time its looking like:

1) monk
2) wizard
3) barbarian
4) i dunno...
5) i dunno...
Barb, Wizard, Monk, Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor. I don't know that I'd ever feel compelled to get to the last 2. My friend described witch doctor best when we were playing last night saying "that class looks like an april fools joke". In the current implementation DH was terribly boring, taking a look at the rework I think it could be much better.
1. Barbarian
2. Monk
3. Demon Hunter
4. Wizard
5. Witch Doctor (maybe)

I also plan to do both genders of each class just to hear the voice acting that went into them. I am still unsure of Hardcore though, I may try it once with a Wizard or Demon Hunter. Needless to say though Barbarian will be my primary and the one I beat the game with first.
2)Demon Hunter
3)Witch Doctor

No plans to play the Barb at all, I've never liked rage/adrenaline type systems (where you build it up by hitting things, but it drops to zero again if you stop moving).
1. DH, love ranged classes always and forever, the theme the DH brings along is pretty cool too.

2. Witch Doctor/Monk (can't decide).

3. Witch Doctor/Monk - whichever isn't #2.

4. Wizard

5. Barb.
At moment It's looking like this:
1: Wizard
2: Barbarian
3: Witch Doctor
4: Demon Hunter
5: Monk

Didn't really like the Monk too much - I thought it had potential, but didn't quite like how they went with it for some reason. But It's all subjective, everyone's entitled to their own opinion! :)
2 & 3 were hard choices.

And of course, needless to say, these plans can change at any point in time :)
ummmm hmmm..

1. Witch Doctor (think its the top 3 class to play)
2. Necromancer ;)
3. Witch Doctor (female)
4. Barbarian
5. Demon Hunter
6. Wizard

Monk.. its a maybe.
Wiz, Barb, DH

DH looks the least fun to me right now. However, I think it might shine at higher levels. The huge rain of arrows is pretty BA. Hopefully with the resource adjustment, the class will be more fun to play.

At any rate, I plan to alternate between ranged and melee classes to mix things up. I was a bit resistant to Barb at first, but he's looking to be quite the powerful character. But I love magic so a caster is always my main.
The first for me will def be Monk. Ever since they announced it with the gameplay footage I was hooked (and of course once I made sure it wasn't like the Monk from Hellfire).
    1. Monk
    2. Wizard
    3. Demon Hunter
    4. Witch Doctor
    5. Barbarian

I will also be doing a Hardcore Monk (with all the evasion and heals it looks to be the easiest to HC).
1. Witchdoctor
2. Whatever i feel like at the time
1. Witch Doctor
2. Wizard
3. Demon Hunter
4. Monk
5. Barbarian

I've never been much of a "melee" person, so I'll probably try the ranged first, and the close combat last.
2)Demon Hunter
5)Will never EVER play a STUPID Witchdoctor.

Always been a barbarian player myself. I hope I can get the name "Barbarianman"

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