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Good evening everyone

I wanted to post this thread to gather some quality thoughts on this topic. This thread is aimed towards the gaming community as a whole, and not those within only Diablo III. I chose this forum because I'm waiting for D3 as impatiently as the next person, so we have something in common within this particular community =)

When you post a thread and I mean a legitimate targeted topic, what are some of the positive attributes you would like to see most when receiving a response from your audience? By this I mean aside from the obvious like answering the question flat out. Source links from older on topic posts? Pictures? Video's? Blogs? Perhaps best practice of anti-trolling technicques or simply refraining from negativity when commenting? Perhaps you enjoy responses from individuals with an inside knowledge of the topic and not open ended speculation free of ridicule?

What are some things that other community members could post in replies to your topics which you believe adds true value aside from simply answering your question(s)?

I look forward to reading your thoughts on this.
I want less people shouting "It's too late", "That's impossible", "Blizzard doesn't care" and etc... when posting suggestions, feedback and opinions.

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