Survivability PvP Build

Witch Doctor!XZe!babbaa

Lots of mana and life-restoring skills and 2 CCs from poison dart snake and Gargantuan slam.

Please rate!
I'm not a big fan of your build. As far as I can see it, there's going to be about 4 different kinds of builds that are based on range and spell emphasis. Yours is a close ranged build that is dependant on having those stuns, not so much actual survivability, outside of waiting for the stuns.!fXU!cZbcca

try this build on for size.
its the ultiment run and lawl build find a flaw and i will ignore it.
For the record, firebats range is significantly larger than the animation, the spell also starts at the full range before the spell actually reaches that range graphically. If I were to estimate it on-screen, I'd say it's probably 3/4ths of the Wizards 'Firin' mah laz0r'. It is a skill I also thought would be useless, but after having used it a bit PVM think may be a useful alternate for some of the others in terms of a KITEing spell that stacks up damage hard as characters try to catch up to you before you juke/jet with spiritwalk.

Speculation is speculation though, on everyones part.
I'm not in the Beta atm, but from what I can tell you only have 3 abilities with a cooldown on it. And Vision Quest requires 4 to be active.

I could be wrong about any other base abilities available though, lemme know if I'm wrong.
i think that you will need tones of hp for this build to work, but the chances are, Wd won't be able to survive for more than 5 seconds inside a whirl wind.
also, too much mana regen. i doubt that you run out of mana frequently in pvp.

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