Zombie Charger or Firebats

Witch Doctor
Which do you think will end up being our most reliable damage spell? I'm assuming both are red glyphed.

Zombie Charger is 336% weapon damage in the area, but it doesn't say how far it goes.

Firebats is 325% weapon damage per second 40 yards in front of you.

Can Zombie Chargers be reliably cast fast enough to get it on par with Firebats? It'd be more mana efficient and have slightly higher damage.
firebats are channeled
Firebats and Acid Cloud with Crimson runestone looks really strong, in my opinion.
09/24/2011 03:32 PMPosted by Bleak
firebats are channeled

I'm aware. The damage ticks every second. My question was whether the cast time on Zombie Chargers is short enough that you can cast it every second, basically.
the zombie charger runs a small distance, but pierces through multiple enemies
I prefer firebats. It's hard to connect with the zombie charger.
I've been asking my self the same question.

At the moment I'm leaning towards using firebats along with the 'vermin' passive.

It's either this, or acid cloud with crimson rune stone for me. It just depends on the radius of the explosion, which they haven't actually given yet.

I'd imagine both come at a similar mana cost, considering how firebats works.

The reason I discount zombie charger is, whilst more effective per point of mana - there are ways to get around the mana regeneration issue - such as designing a build that can use Vision Quest, or having Soul Harvest with golden rune worked in. It certainly is worth doing, as one of these spells is going to be your main source of damage.

Personally I've designed a build that relies on firebats with vermin and pierce the viel, and rely on Vision Quest to regenerate this intensive mana cost (assuming it ever becomes an issue, which judging on anything we've seen so far, could in fact not happen)


Edit: After seeing your other post, I had completely overlooked sacrifice with crimson runestone. That is huge. The best build will definitely have that worked in, along with firebats as you have suggested.

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