How often do you check for BETA??

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Every Hour. and nothing :(
09/27/2011 10:30 AMPosted by JuiceyJoe
never because i get email alerts on my phone but i do check the forums once a day to see if there have been any large waves or to see if theres any new announcements about the game
Thrice daily.
What's a beta?
In the afternoon, and at night when i get home.
09/27/2011 10:13 AMPosted by Ëlethir
I check for BETA every other hour.

Every hour, not like it matters. Some 15 year old who just wants to play the game and not do anything towards beta testing and reporting is going to get it anyways.
Every hour, like 12 ~ 14 times a day :(
whenever i think about D 1,2, or 3....which is always.
I don't (F5) Know how many (F5)times (F5) i do it, (F5) but if i (F5) keep (F5) doing it(F5) i think i (F5) may (F5) see it (F5) eventu-(F5)ally.(F5)
Whenever i'm wasting time on the forums I just click the portrait dropdown every so often (10 times a day?) to see if D3 pops up on it.
I check a couple times a day, usually when I check my email anyways.
i stare at my tv in my room every 5 minutes or so ( i have my email refreshing on my tv )
I refresh about every 5 minutes, yea i got no life :'(
once or twice a day... from a couple of times a day. Sort of discouraging knowing I got invited to other betas and I get to watch a bunch of noobs get the beta before me... if I even get it at all.
1 time a day, all day

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