A fix for the rune system.

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It is a fairly simple fix which may or may not have been already suggested. Instead of runes becoming locked into type, random affix, AND skill, have the rune be locked into type and affix only. This still leaves the door open for a lot of randomization, but prevents that rare level 7 rune that just dropped from becoming instantly useless. For example, you may not have wanted a crimson Whirlwind effect for your Barbarian, but it still would fit in another skill that you can swap it to. I know this topic has been beaten to death but I feel this is a nice middle ground for Blizzard to meet us.
I don't see how enough information given by blizzard, or gameplay depecting any rune mechanics other than what blizz has released.

^ With this knowledge i don't see how anybody can form any kind of "fix" for an unknown system.

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