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I would love a beta and depending on what place in line I was, you can remove me or give it to someone else. As of September 26, 2011 @ 11:15 PM, My little girl was delivered into this world. Just thought I would share with my friends who are watching from the forum. Her name is Lailah, I am happy she has been brought to this world. Good luck to anyone and everyone if you haven't seen me online. You will see me later down the road.
Gratz! Teach her to be a Diablo series lover like her father! :)
congratulations. that's a beautiful name
You have a little human in pre-alpha!
Gratz :)
That is just my advice. I have a 3 year old and an 18 month (both girls) and my little one still sleeps for 4-6 hours a day (2 naps) before she goes to bed in the evening.

that 3 year old aint nappin though. they can run around for DAYS without sleep. pro athletes cant keep up with 2-4
Congratulations! That is a beautiful thing to hear!
i bet the mom was glad to finally drop that loot

Note that you can "remove me or give it to someone else" by going to the opt-in on your account and unchecking Diablo.
Congrats, email me your info so if you get in I'll play for you since you'll be busy doing fatherly stuffs.
Grats, Its good to see you choose your child over d3, I fear that some of the people on the forums of late would not make the same choice.
I hope this doesnt violate ToS, but he is a photo of her, not traceable to anyone no location posted, just a random photo =)


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