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Hurray! I just went to my nvidia options, and set them to intel graphics card for both the launcher, and .exe file. The conclusion to this? The game actually launches to perfection! The only problem is when I type in my acc info/password it gives me that DAMN ERROR 12. Good job on the fix blizzard (i think?).

If you use optimus technology with a nvidia chip make sure you right click on your game, and go into the "run with graphics processor" then choose "change default..." Once in this menu browse for the laucher, and .exe file for Diablo3beta, and choose "Integrated Graphics" for both files. This is all done on Windows 7 by the way. Very excited that I have a chance to play beta if I get an invite now.

If you have a laptop with Optimus Tecnology with a Nvidia 540M (that's mine) or any other please post if this works, and what type you have. Also make sure you go into your setting, and give it all the administrator rights.

PS - Move to beta feedback/bugs
its not fixed... my friend has the beta and when we did that he can play but gets like 20fps... and its VERY choppy (unplayable) in combat.
your right about it opening the game but still not using the nvidia processor for the actual game, resulting in serious performance decrease.
09/27/2011 01:44 PMPosted by Ramxi
I was able to run the cracked beta on the card after doing alot of serious tinkering.

People can pretty much disregard everything after that line. Your experiences with the emulated version really means nothing.
I have friends who still have problems with it on WoW, but hopefully they can fix it for Diablo3...

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