My melee wizard build...

Of course, I wanted to try to make a non-squishy (as much as possible, anyways), short-range and survivability oriented Wizard... any thoughts?

I'm not too sure there will be much necessity for a defensive armor spell if the spectral blade can take advantage of the lifesteal on magic weapon + alabaster. Notice the Tal Rasha armor has the same "armor" as the Immortal King armor. That being said, here's a build I'm looking at.!!YZaabc

Teleport with the Obsidian Rune is 25% damage reduce, which is nothing to sneeze at. Teleport in, slow time (slow 1), blizzard (slow 2), spam the aoe spectral blade with lifesteal magic weapon, and storm armor procs will help you tear through things.
09/27/2011 05:26 PMPosted by Dominatrice
Arent all wizards melee mages now?


Staves (2h) and Wands (1h) will still provide the best bonuses for Wizard spells, even with the "% weapon damage" thing on all our skills. The damage of Wizard weapons is comparable to other weapons and most of the unique ones have "% bonus wizard damage" which basically means using a melee weapon will be mostly useless... especially if Spectral Blade has all the same effects as a melee attack (lifesteal, elemental damage, procs, etc), which I'm hoping will be the case.
MattyP, if you take a look at some of the beta vids out there it looks like Spectral Blade and Magic Weapon really work well together - it allows you to apply 2 runestone effects to your spectral blade.

Looks like weapon choice is a factor here too - both these skills require a mellee weapon. Also appears as though this skill works like a lot of the barb skills and works off weapon damage and speed.

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