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Just as you can personalize your item in D2 X as a quest reward, It would be fun if you could give your item a name. But it would be limited to ONE item throughout the entire game.
per character, or per account?

This could be fun, but imagine all the vulgar names certain items already have in their name that you could create. Would blizz moderate this?

Many questions remain. Would it be named after your char like d2 and d2x? I hope not.
Although on a sidenote, I did want to make a character named planet in WoW, so i could pvp and get the title captain. you see what i did there.
I was thinking you give it a name. And that's One Per Character, I think Blizz would have moderated this the same way they moderated toon names in the first place.

I'd go for lame puns like "Mourning Breath" or an anime reference like "Tetsaiga"

Captain Planet, That would be a good druid name.

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