Mass Confusion WD?

Witch Doctor!XdW!ZYbbbc

Zombie Dog + Crimson
I figure this build will probably have low dps on WD, and monsters will be too busy killing each other rather than my dogs, so adding some dps on my minions feel like a good idea.

Gangartuan + Indigo
Same idea as the dogs, only concern is how often this cleave ability active. If it is not very often, then Alabaster seems better.

Mass Confusion + Golden
Reduce CD to 4 sec, and with 8 sec duration, sounds too good to be true. Concern is the description is too vague, can't really tell the important attributes of this skill, like range, possibility of resist/dispel, max effect, etc.

Haunt + Golden
Since my plan is to spam mass confusion, need skill to regen mana.

Soul Harvest + Golden
Same as haunt, except this skill also make up my lack of dps.

Spirit Barrage + Obsidian
Slot filler, I choose it cause it is a spirit spell.

Zombie handler: obviously for the summons
Pierce the Viel: boost overall dps.
Rush of Essence: return 200% mp cost of spirit spell over 10 sec, this negates the mp cost increase on any spirit spell and take advantage of it.

I am kinda newb to this, I realise this build will have low dps, and it probably will be trashed if mass confusion is not as good as I assume.

Any suggestion/criticism/comment is welcome.
Good choices for runes for zombie dog and gargantuan - the cleave ability is also passive so it is definitely a top choice

Mass confusion, based on seeing it in action in the first witch doctor vid, and using the spell confusion in diablo 2 which was had by the necromancer, is beneficial because it holds the monsters in place whilst they attack each other. Meaning you can then drop them with a dps spell unhindered

This means you'll only need to cast it once in each large group of enemies. It won't be a massive mana drainer. In fact, it currently even says that the spell doesn't cost mana at all, therefore having haunt and soul harvest to regen mana is completely unwarranted.

Main problem with the build is your lack of a main dps spell. Why not switch out soul harvest or haunt for either fire bats, fire bomb, or some other aoe damage spell. Or even change the rune on haunt to alabaster rune to make it a good single target DPS spell.

This way you can rotate between casting mass confusion and burning them down with your dps spell, and still have enough mana with your soul harvest to support it.
Nice build. That spirit barrage rune variation that you chose (Phantasm) results in summoning a spectre for 5 seconds. Personally I'm thinking that can be spammed over and over so you might be able to have 4 spectres out at once or something (depending on how fast you can cast it) - a lot like corpse spiders.

edit: so I guess you have 2 spammable abilities, you can mass confuse and then spam spectres and back and forth.

This off course assumes that I'm am right about being able to spam spectres lol...
The cooldown on Mass Confusion is ridiculous. I think it makes it one of the most powerful spells in the entire game at the moment.
09/28/2011 10:01 AMPosted by Sinistar
The cooldown on Mass Confusion is ridiculous. I think it makes it one of the most powerful spells in the entire game at the moment.

Arguable. In diablo 2 there was a spell that did exactly the same thing, except there was no cooldown at all. People barely used it
confusion was a great necro spell if you knew how to use it correctly.
it wasn't hard to use correctly

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