How are dmg modifiers applied?

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Say a witch doctor does poison dart that does 100 dmg. Say he has 200% increased spell dmg from items, 20% increased dmg from attack, and 20% increased dmg from provoke the pack (sacrifice with a crimson rune in it).How I read it is that attack and provoke the pack increase ALL damage so I would think that the dmg modifiers would be applied like 100*(1+2.00)*(1+0.20+0.20)=420 dmgHowever the dmg modifiers could always be based on the original dmg meaning that the poison dart would do 100*(1+2+.2+.2) = 340This makes a huge difference at max levels and it makes having plus to attack or skills that provide plus to ALL dmg viable ONLY IF they are applied the first way.Does anyone know?

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