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Demon Hunter
Alright. I have been reading many a DH builds and I have decided to add my two cents to this topic as well. So far as I am concerned, any class needs some kind of stun; With regard to DH, it is very difficult to get away from melee classes, Monk with his Dashing Strike and Barbarian with his Furious Charge among others, and I believe stun is tantamount to life in PvP. Once you stun next part is easy. Second, with regard to Hatred generation, that's where our passive Fundamentals come's in. Why? It's the fastest Hatred generator. Why still? When it comes down to doing dmg, let's be real - you need hatred. What better way to pack a punch after a stun than a nice hatred spender like Impale? And, if you have Fundamentals, you can shoot up to 3 almost instantly, no not in a row. And if you add Alabaster in there (+500% crit dmg) with Sharpshooter passive, that, my friends, is what I call dmg. But wait, there is more. With Marked for Death(+20% dmg) and a Raven companion doing auto slow with Cull of the Weak passive(+20% dmg to targets that are slowed) you are piling dmg on. And Did i mention that target is stunned? And if s/he is not, you can use Preparation(restore all disc w/ a rune of your choice) to stun again. As far as I am concerned, It's about stun, and huge dmg.
Let me know what your thoughts are. I do read them. Thanks!XeU!aabbaZ
I hear your opinion, Ralortlawl, about not being able to run away from melee class. So, evasive shot is a solution to getting some distance from a Monk or Barbarian. However, if I were to include Evasive Shot in a PvP build, I would have to change other skills as well, thus the whole build will be changed. With regard to Shadow Power, I agree with you on losing momentum, plus it does cost 20 discipline(18 with Perfectionist) so I have little Discipline left to do Stun Vault(in fact only 1). Now, Preparation with Alabaster. Yes, I have been debating with my friends about this one; some say use Obsidian, others Alabaster. And, I have stepped back and looked at for what I would go, and in this case, it had to be chance. But, the whole build revolves around Stun Vault, so to comment on your statement, "not like ur gonna spam shadow power/vault anyways," yes I am(stun anyways). To go further into skills, Companion that will do slow is really just to increase dmg, not really to do slow. So, you will be pretty close to melee range. Reason being is what I have mentioned earlier, it's going to be tough putting some distance between you and melee classes. So, instead I would use it to increase dmg and finish the target with large amounts of dmg coupled with a bunch of stuns.
Here's an updated build.!XcU!aaYbaZ
Thanks for all the feedback. It's gotten me thinking.
Yes, I have thought about the Archery passive skill. But 20% increased dmg from Cull the Weak outweighs the benefit of 5% crit; however, maybe not the +100% crit dmg increase.

Oh yea, Monk, ridiculous.

BTW, I am leaning towards Preparation with Obsidian rune, not Alabaster. Anyway, good stuff. Thanks.

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