Bola- Make it an arc projectile

Demon Hunter
The DH seems to lack abilities that can target enemies in the back ranks. That's not to say it's impossible to hit them; AoE's like MS or cluster, or piercing effects like runed impale could hit them.

However, it'd be nice if there was a more precise ability that could arc over the front ranks and hit high priority targets in the back like casters. I think Bola would be a good candidate for this. Bolas are a heavier projectile that would require being fired in an arc. The DH introduction video shows the DH launching a Bola high into the air to kill a demon. The arc would also allow you to target enemies in the middle of a pack, optimizing its AoE.

Another cool addition would be to make one of the runes cause the bola to go around the neck and choke the target, increasing cast time. You could add this on a current rune effect.
I believe cluster arrow arcs over enemies and targets an area.

Chakrams and elemental arrow also go through enemies.
You can also lob Spike Traps to the middle/back of packs to hit mobs in the back. There seem to be a sufficient number of ways to go about the process in my mind. Being a purely ranged class, I think that I'm going to be more concerned about the guys at the front and keeping standoff distance from them.
Until we see what each of the rune effects exactly do in practice, it's possible one of them might do that as well. Although it's unlikely, because it seems they describe that in other skills.

To get at the back row we have Chakram, Elemental Arrow, Rain of Vengence, Runed Impale, Cluster Arrow, Grenades or a maybe Wizard is just better at it. We seem to have impressive options for mowing down the melee row however - even if the numbers aren't quite right due to beta.
To get to the back row you kill the front row

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