Thoughts on the witch doctor so far.

Witch Doctor
Hey everyone,

I ran through beta last night as Witch Doctor and got to level 9.

Here's what I think so far.


Love the character, noticed that people didn't like the fact that he shakes when standing still like he has parkinsons, but I think it all adds to the whole voodoo pygmy weirdness style. by the way, his knives are awesome. I love stabbing :D


Gonna go a bit indepth for this one.

Poison Dart :: Good skill, it has a decent DoT, about the same damage as 1 Toad and long range, single target attack.

Zombie Dogs :: These are good as a little distraction or light tanking which keeps the monsters away and lets me spam my skills. It really is a "Support" skill in every way, definitely not a full-on defensive skill and not a full-on offensive skill. But we will see what runes will add to it.

Plague of Toads :: As we have all seen so far, this is a really great skill for clearing big groups of enemies and even single targets quickly. It is pretty random and kinda unreliable at long range.
I would say in late game it would become more difficult to spam this without something like Hex, Mass Confusion or something to control enemies while they get bombed.

Grasp of the Dead :: This is pretty cool, does a tiny bit of damage and sets enemies in place so I can spam them or run away. So far I wouldn't pick this over other skills but that's because I only have a choice of 3 so far and I need more damage. I imagine later this would be pretty useful. It's a cool spell in general though.

Haunt :: This is alright but I wouldn't count on it for a main damage spell. How I used this skill, is I would spam it first and then spam toads so that the spirit would jump to another enemy, but the toads just killed everything anyway. Maybe haunt made it quicker though, i couldn't tell.
This is pretty good for bosses though, spam 3 haunts onto the one boss and it whittles them down.

Zombie Charger :: Pretty good damage and awesome for clearing a bunch of enemies in a row but you have to get in close to use it.

Hex :: I love this one. This is good enough to be picked over Zombie Dogs as a support skill in my opinion. You can cast it all the time, it completely disables an enemy and they take more damage too which is great. It's also cool to fight alongside a freaky shaman :D

Corpse Spiders :: Interesting skill. I haven't had a chance to use this much. To be honest I tried it once and instantly went back to Toads.

Horrify :: Haven't used this, I haven't needed to use more than Hex so far.

Firebats :: Very mana costly, fairly short range. This would be good where there are a ton of enemies packed in a bunch. You have to stand in place though, which I do not like about it. Would take other skills over this unless there was a real need for it or if I had someone tanking for me so I could spam it.


Yeah that's all I have to say for now.
cheers for your thoughts. interesting to hear from someone who's actually used them

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