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Dear Blizzard

Unlike others here I am able to work. I while waiting to move, am working at a Mc Donalds. Anyway while working one of the windows. An old lady pulled up to order some food. Well anyway the shocking thing was she wasn't wearing any pants. In short I got flashed old lady cootch and my mind is not very stable at the moment. Please will you let me into the Diablo 3 beta.

Sincerely That guy who give you, your food.
Bike riders: I want you to share the road with me but I don't want to follow any of the rules of the road and then complain when I get hit on my bike. I live in Seattle and I see it daily, roll through red lights, go in between cars, don't signal... and so on.

good luck bro, get well.

i bike to work sometimes and crazy drivers scare the crap out of me. never got hit (knock on wood) but it seems like it's inevitable, even with a side mirror, reflectors, bright clothing, hand signals, etc. etc.

You are right its scary sometimes. I was in a cross walk though was the !@#$ty part. Sun was in his eyes he ran a red light and T-boned me going about 30. shattered his windshield along with most of the left side of my body.
Yeah blizzard I died three years ago show some love to undead geez.
Hey Blizzard,

I know this is a silly long shot. But here goes. Last Thursday I got hit my a van on my bike while I was riding to work. I sustained a ruptured spleen kidney and punctured lung. As well as 6 breaks in 3 ribs and a broken neck which is putting me in a halo brace for the next 3 months. No neurological damage thankfully.

I have been waiting for a beta key to help pass the time and cope with the pain. So far one hasn't come. I think I would be a great beta tester because it would give me something to do in my downtime while I am recovering. I can provide proof for anything here.

Anyway thats all I will bug you for I am sure you get a lot of these.

Even if this was true, being last Thursday you would still be in ICU where you wouldn't be allowed to use a cell phone, much less a computer. You could not have posted on the forums (if you were even awake to be able to, due to drugs).
I have an incurable stomach disease. you dont see me begging. This is pathetic.
09/27/2011 09:21 AMPosted by Epynephrine
Sun was in his eyes he ran a red light and T-boned me going about 30. shattered his windshield along with most of the left side of my body.

Ok so while i feel sorry for you in your condition. In my opinion it takes two to tango, or crash in this case. You don't think you could have slightly turned your head to the left and seen a speeding car not slowing down and thought him maybe i should not get in front of it.
Get well
But don't beg.
You only need 1 kidney.
You don't *need* a spleen.
Punctured lungs are fixable.

Good luck though.
Yeah this is pretty much what I expected from this community...

Took me a moment to realize this was by the OP, haha
pics or it didn't happen lol
Hello Blizzard.

Good bye Blizzard.
I didn't beg or put some sob story on the forums. I got beta access last night.

Hopefully this helps you realize that begging and sob stories do you no good other than filling up the forums with non-game related stuff. :(

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