Fire and Forget PvP Build

Witch Doctor
Here's the build:!ZdW!ccccaa

The idea is based largely upon attacks that do their work over time or without your direct input, allowing you to put more attention into movement and positioning. Some things are unknowns as we haven't seen the runes/skills at work.


Pierce the Veil: More damage for more mana. Straightforward.

Vermin: More damage with frogs and spiders.

Rush of Essence: Offsets the mana costs with PtV by returning mana when spirit spells are used.


Corpse Spiders+Leaping Spiders - Probably one of the more active attack skills in your repertoire. You throw them, the spiders seek, leap, and destroy. Heightened damage with pierce the veil and vermin.

Plague of Toads+Toad of Hugeness - Damage and CC. Takes an enemy out of the equation for five seconds while doing damage. I don't know if the toad is stationary and sucks enemies in with a tongue or if it leaps around and devours, so up in the air with this one a bit. Heightened damage with Pierce the Veil and Vermin.

Haunt+Grasping Spirit - DoT, but more for the snare than anything.

Horrify+Phobia - Seems like a useful skill when things are getting hairy. Not sure if longer fear is more useful or if 50% run speed for 4 seconds is better, we'll see.

Spirit Walk+Healing Journey - Spirit Walk just seems like a bread and butter WD PvP move. Healing is always a plus.

The final active is a toss up without information about how all the skills+runes work. In the build I have Spirit Barrage + Manitou because I like the idea of extra fire and forget damage, but there are plenty of options.

Wall of Zombies could be great, allowing you a bulwark to defend yourself with as your attacks do their work. Though if skills like leap, teleport, or dashing strike go right through it, maybe not so much. Again, we'll see.

Hex could be very nice for extra CC, damage, or healing.

Grasp of the Dead+Groping Eels could be really nice as well, especially if snares stack.

Finally, perhaps Zombie Dogs with Life Link, just for some added damage soak ability.

Thanks for reading! Opinions welcome.

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