My attempt at a build

Witch Doctor!bfc!bZbaZa

Poison dart for single target dps and mana regen
Firebomb for AOE
fetish army with cooldown rune for support
spirit walk with heal for escape skill
soul harvest with healing to be cast before or in the middle of a fight
spirit barrage with alabaster rune which makes a spirit float above my head and shoot things?


let me know what you think
Looks good overall, I just have a suggestion regarding Poison Dart and passives:

You took 2 passives that help with resource management so I would suggest switching Poison Dart to Crimson runestone for better damage or switching out one of your passives for Pierce the Veil...or do both!
that is a good point. a little too much sustain i think. i will play around with that. :)
im bored, and instead of making my own thread on yet another hey check out my build(s)!

i decided to put mine in the first one i saw

grats you!

anyways here are some builds i made

all around aoe build, no summons:!bdc!accbcc

all around single target / small aoe build, no summons:!Zdb!cZabZZ

ill add more later

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