Strafe inconsistency.

Demon Hunter
I was about to use the skill calculator for the Demon Hunter and was looking at the different types of skills available. Mainly Hatred Generator vs. Hatred Spender. I was wondering why strafe would be listed as a Hatred Generator when it costs 2 hatred per second? It's more of a Hatred De-generator AKA Spender.
Do some searching, this has been mentioned many times. Natural regeneration will be about 5 Hatred per second resulting in a gain of 3 Hatred per second while Strafing.
Also if you have the Fundamentals passive and you combine like 2 attacks per second with the increased attack speed on stafe ****jizzzzzz***** too much hatred to spend.
Strafe is not the same as basic attack. Attacking without using any move at all is a basic attack.

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