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How is it. The game looks great. i am chomping at the bit to get a shot of trying it out.
I've been fortunate enough to play the game whenever I want because of a friend.

It's really quite awesome although it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I kind of just want to wait for release. I am dying to know the story and play to lvl cap :P

barb is my fav. so far
thanks man i like to look of the wiz and deman hunter i got my oreider all ready paid for threw game stop and i am just like you man going to wait but if i get that chance to play early like you did ill take it lol
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thanks man i like to look of the wiz and deman hunter i got my oreider all ready paid for threw game stop and i am just like you man going to wait but if i get that chance to play early like you did ill take it

Dude I completely agree with what you said, very articulated and professional-

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whats with the childish fu man
10/07/2011 11:14 AMPosted by montyg
whats with the childish fu man
It's an internet meme. It's not FU, it's the slur of frustration.
10/07/2011 11:25 AMPosted by Giraffasaur
whats with the childish fu man
It's an internet meme. It's not FU, it's the slur of frustration. It's really quite popular I'm surprised anyone doesn't know about it
I'm definitely not disappointed, I'm loving everything about it and can't wait for it to go live. However, I'm kinda surprised that I love the Demon Hunter the most, because I thought my favorite would be the Witch Doctor.

People seem to be complaining about the Demon Hunter a lot... I personally can't find anything wrong with it. :/
that is cool like realy like the looks of them they seem bad !@# to me cant wait to try it
It's very good. All the good ideas are there.

Durke, people don't like the demon hunter because if combat lasts longer than a short period you're left to autoattacking.

Monk and Barbarian have free skills that you spam to get access to greater skills, Wizard has outright free skills that he uses while waiting to cast a greater spell or saving up for a multi combo (same with monk/barb I suppose, as far as saving up). Witch Doctor's mana thus far hasn't ever been an issue, often you'll regen faster than you can spend and that's without any mana regen items because base mana regen is 1800 per minute (30 per second) and the best spell to use costs 44 and without cast speed gear (most you can really have about now is 20% if I guess correctly) you can only cast it once per second. (Base cast speed = 1sps barring cancelling) You can spam frogs for literally 10-15 seconds before going oom - and then you just wait about three seconds and your mana pool is full again.

Demon Hunter regens discipline at like what, 1 per second? With mobs constantly running at you and caltrops only slowing in that small area they get back to running at you even at this difficulty very shortly - evasive fire eats discipline like no other and doesn't really take you far enough away, and sometimes in closed spaces it eats discipline without even taking you anywhere if your back is against the wall. Vault takes you a good distance but it's usually further than you want even if you can go that many yards (in closed spaces that we've seen so far). And even then, it just feels like a waste of a slot. And you can't use it as often as you need it.

A wizard can keep mobs off him for long periods of time easily with frost nova and other assorted slows, witch doctor doesn't have a problem with it because of dogs or just the fact that zombie charger/frogs kill as fast as they can get on you if they come from one direction (pretty much everything we've seen so far). Barbarian and Monk both have skills to get out when they need to and heal, but demon hunter (as a ranged character) who has none of these kind of skills nor FEELS like he/she should be in melee range, is often forced to be, or forced to run. Neither of which is particularly exciting or feeling right. It SHOULD be where if you play it incorrectly you'll get hit (by mobs) and if you play it correctly you might get closed upon (into melee range) by incredibly difficult mobs, in which case it would feel right to run and try to kite. It shouldn't be that half the time + playing correctly (when mobs don't instantly die) you're having to run or just fight in melee range and get hit where you don't have any real skills to do much.

And offensive flashiness just doesn't feel as awesome because abilities like grenade and fan of knives just flat out suck to use. They cost too much for what you get from them. The abilities I use as a demon hunter all look basically the same, you're just shooting a different arrow. If they make grenades and other spells that look vastly different feel better to use (make it worth it ffs) then Demon Hunter will feel better, and not have to autoattack and fight in melee so much.

This could of course all change when more hatred per minute items are introduced or skills are, but even blizzard has admitted it feels like complete crap in terms of this beta.
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If you look at montyg's post, he asked "what's with the childish FU", not "what is FU."
hmm sounds like alot of over hualing is in order
@chrisco sorry i am new to the form lingo
montyg, search youtube for "diablo 3 beta witch doctor gameplay with funny commentary". Day9's playthroughs are very entertaining and reveal a lot more about the game than the playthrough vids without commentary.
k will do thanks
10/07/2011 12:04 PMPosted by montyg
@chrisco sorry i am new to the form lingo

Oh, no, that wasn't directed at you, it was to the guy who couldn't believe someone didn't know what it meant.
ok yah i didnt know what it meant i thought it meant the other thing lol
I'm really liking d3. The first play through took me around five hours (reading all the dialogue, exploring all the maps, etc.). You can however run through and finish the beta in 30-40 minutes.

Things to do after the first play through:
*building a magic find or an increase gold set (Rares only drop from the Skeleton King on the first play through. So, honestly, there's zero point in magic finding. It seems to only increase your magical item drop number-for right now)
*You can farm to increase your stash size (tab 3 is 50k).
*You can level your blacksmith, although it's rather pointless considering you can't use any of the gear after level 13.
*Build a new toon and run through the content in 30 minutes to see what rare you get from skeleton king.

If you're chomping at the bit and haven't seen them yet, Force has a lot of solid play throughs on youtube

Best of luck on getting into the beta or finding a friend with a key.

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