Take your time Blizz!

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I'm sure others feel this way, but I'm tired of the flaming that is happening over Blizzard wanting to take time to develop a great game. I would love for this game to be released tomorrow (my girlfriend would not!) but the reason I play Blizzard games is because of the quality, and their mantra - release when its ready!

I hope this thread provides a counterbalance to all of the negativity out there. I'm sure some of the blizzard developers have devoted a good part of the last decade working on this project -- respect their work, and their attitude of quality > release date.
Actually, I really haven't seen any posts complaining about it being moved back. Mostly it's just people griping they want into the beta, that the RMAH will eat their children, Griefe-er-hostile mode was the only thing that makes the game worth playing, or that the lack of a skill tree will ruin the entire game for all time.

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