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This is just a list of some things which I'd like to see that may or may not come to Diablo 3 in a(n) patch/expansion

Item Types:
Ethereal Items (with a timer instead of durability, overall amplified stats, hirelings should break eth items)
Throwing Weapons (Javelins, Daggers, Axes, Potions, ect.)
Flails (and other weapons that require a physics engine to look right in 3D)

??? = Shapeshifter + weapon thrower + shield specialist
Class Specific Items: shield, wolf/antler/bird helm
??? = life/blood spells + pets that are linked to the caster (blood golem kind of relationship)
Class Specific Items: whip, flail, scepter(offhand)

Item Attributes:
+aoe radius
+projectile speed
+1 light radius
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how would you like to see eth items then?
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10/07/2011 01:10 PMPosted by Jacka
same way as diablo 2. unrepairable and lower durability for a 50% stat boost.

it wasn't a stat boost it was just a damage/defense boost for weapons/armor

durability in Diablo 3 is damaged from deaths, not damage taken.

If they implemented it your way then it would not be viable to use anything but ethereal items because you shouldn't die anyways. In hardcore ethereal items would be just as permanent as regular items.
So, basically you want to play Diablo II: Lord of Destruction? know it's out? For real, dawg.
/shrug I never really did like the ethereal items, sides being hireling item dumps, what was the point to them? Were they buffed just not repairable versions in DII? I didn't notice. It just might add some temporary variety to the item mechanics in general, I suppose, but I just don't see a solid reason for them to exist.
charms - god no.
jewels - no.
eth items - not the way you described. or at all, for that matter
flails - they don't exist already?

classes - none of those. It would be difficult to avoid having a throwing specialist completely overshadow/become overshadowed by the demon hunter. The barbarian is as shield specialist as we need with the potential for how obscenely durable he can be built, and a shapeshift is nothing but a glorified poser. In diablo 2, a druid could shapeshift into a pretend assassin, or a pretend barbarian. In world of warcraft, a druid could pretend to be a priest, pretend to be a rogue, pretend to be a mage, or pretend to be a warrior. Granted, the most recent expansions have done a lot for making the druid feel like its own class instead of several classes rolled together, but I don't see something similar being accomplished in diablo 3

item attributes - none of those things, especially light radius. I don't know about you, but in diablo 2, it wasn't that fun being a tiny circle of light moving through a black screen for the first half of the game.
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10/07/2011 01:16 PMPosted by Jacka
you could get a lot of indestructible eth items.

Ahah, and so you are right, you reminded me of that, thank you. Would it be worth it to add to the newest Diablo installment though?
10/07/2011 01:19 PMPosted by Predat
you could get a lot of indestructible eth items.

Ahah, and so you are right, you reminded me of that, thank you. Would it be worth it to add to the newest Diablo installment though?

I vote no. Pretty much the only point of an item that couldn't be repaired was to find a way to make it so it couldn't be broken. I'd rather save gem slots for making my items more awesome, instead of countering the ways they suck
10/07/2011 01:16 PMPosted by Jacka
it wasn't a stat boost it was just a damage/defense boost for weapons/armor

is that not what stats are?

well technically, +to attack is also a stat though.

you didn't see double strength on eth items in d2.
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Throwing weapons.
D2 is what it is -- I like that they are trying to make D3 different from D2 since it is a seperate game - obvisously you need to take core elements from the previous game but when it comes to certain items or modifers I like the way its coming along. Remember we haven't seen any of the high level Random Properties so all this talk about "I want this + feature" etc.. could exist in the game already.

With respect to what I want to see carried over from D2 ---> D3 is more game functionality. I.E. being able to make games with custom names Trading games etc.. other than that I have complete trust in Blizzard producing an awesome game.

Some new things I would like to see in the game would be independent item graphics for each item instead of there being generic graphics for each - in D2 all cloth armor look the same, chainmail look the same (colour might have changed a bit for chainmail) and plate armor all looked the same. The same could be said for weapons and etc.. some exceptions of course. I think having the individual graphics will add to the sense of every character looking different and being unique. Probably some other things I can't think of but from the looks of things so far it looks pretty epic.
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I remember they considered the talisman where you put the charms in.
Charms in their diablo 2 form gets a no from me. Why turn inventory into a giant stat slot. Add a new equipment slot and you get 1 if you really want a charm.

I'd be ok with jewels, but they seem to be filling the role of jewels in other ways so they seem redundant.

I did not see how ethereal items were "fun". Seeing that item you want for your mercenary drop and you run over going please be ethereal please be ethereal! Or getting ethereal on an item you want for yourself and getting pissed. Why exactly is it good to piss off the player like that for no real reason? Since I'm positive somebody going to reply with that its awesome game play to get screwed by an ethereal.

For throwing weapons to actually have a place it seems like they would have to create a whole new class focused around them. Just like how demon hunters have lots of skills focused around bows.

I hope any new classes do NOT go backwards and make something return from an old diablo. People already criticize the very basic items blizzard has released, and blizzards defense is that they need places for the game to grow. It would be bad if their future classes are just growing backwards and stealing more diablo 2 skills. I would really like them to be done with their skill stealing and the future skills and classes are new ideas.
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10/07/2011 01:11 PMPosted by Fuglypump
durability in Diablo 3 is damaged from deaths, not damage taken.

Your gear takes durability damage from regular use, not just from deaths. Even if you never get hit, your durability will decrease from simply being in combat.

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