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10/07/2011 02:25 PMPosted by chcknsnack
Your gear takes durability damage from regular use, not just from deaths. Even if you never get hit, your durability will decrease from simply being in combat.
Ew, I don't like that. I think it would make more sense for armor to take durability damage when you get hit, and weapons to lose durability when you strike.
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Charms- yes.
Only if there was a seperate mini bag for them where they only have an effect while in that bag. The only real reason charms were a pain in D2 is because you could fill your inventory with them and had to to get use from them.

They just need a seperate bag with enough room for x amount of charms. Since they would most likely take up just one slot of space each in d3 or maybe 2 for gc the equivelent it could be a bag that has room for 8 slots worth.

Only because so far gems look boring and without runes there is little flavor with the socketing system currently. Jewels have always had better flavor than simple +dex or +str kind of things.

Eth items- yes.
It adds to the item base, more items more flavor and it also makes it so you can have an item that is absolutely amazing but still be looking for an eth version of it.

Throwing weapons- yes.
Basically anything that can add to the customized builds each class has that add class uniqueness. for example.
Witch doctors could use vials if they were made into items.
Barbs could use spears for a build focused on weapon throw, ancient spear.

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