Stacking the same mantra with different runes

Suppose you have two monks in a party. One has crimson mantra of conviction, the other has alabaster mantra of conviction. What is the net effect on enemies? As I see it, there are three possibilities:

1) The two stack completely, giving 75% increased damage taken and 45% decreased damage dealt by the monsters effected by both mantras. I doubt this is how it works, but we can hope.

2) Both rune effects are applied, but the base mantra only applies once, giving 55% increased damage taken and 45% decreased damage dealt. This seems like the most reasonable way for it to work.

3) There is no stacking, one or the other mantra is applied, and the other one does nothing.

Obviously since there are no runes in beta we can't test this, so we'll be left to guess unless blues straighten us out on it.

This is a pretty important point, as multi-monk parties seem to have a lot of potential synergy.
I would have to agree that case 2 seems much more likely than the other two, which would make it much more potent for two monks in a party to use different mantras if they can.
2 sounds the most logical.
agreed.. I was wondering this also and #2 seems the most logical.. one question tho does a rune effect on one buff override or stack with a similar buff.. for example a monk with mantra of evasion and the rune that adds 180% armor.. would that stack with the barbs warcry with for another 100% armor.. even if it had the rune that increases it to 260% totaling 440%armor? or would the buff providing the most armor increse take priority? being the monks rune or the barbs warcry if it has the 260% rune. same goes for a barb with warcry and the rune that grants +50% hp or a monk with the earthen ally that adds 50% life.. stack to 100% life? I doubt it
If they're different skills from different classes, for now you can assume that the benefits will stack unless otherwise noted.
its possibly relevant to note how blizzard handled these types of situations in wow (I know I know, different game, but still) as well, in its case despite there being different sources of a type of buff, the highest net gain buff took precedence and became the sole source of said buff

hopefully its not the case in d3 (and the example joe gave of barb+monk buffs will hold true) though
2 seems the most likely. Blizzard would not want to nerf anyones build or make it so you have to check each of your builds to determine if you have over lapping buffs. I would suspect you would see each mantra that a monk would cast up with their modified bonuses applying but the mantras base bonus would not stack with each other.

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