Pile on augment for Wall Of Zombies

Witch Doctor
Hope they find a different rune variation for this one. The animation is so lame I can't stand it. I know zombies aren't natural to begin with but this doesn't seem like something zombies would do in any situation...

-A zombie with dual weild blades springs up from the ground and does 3 seconds of AOE?

So you're complaining that zombies climbing on top of each other is unrealistic.

And the obvious solution is to make them dual wield swords like an undead ninja.

When I think of a wall of dead, I think of Castlevania's depiction of the demon, Legion. I wish they had taken more inspiration from that for Wall of Zombie's model and animations.
I would like to summon Lady Gaga.
Makes as much sense as corpse falling from the sky....

I mean what, did the shuttle explode entering the atmosphere?

A skill that hates astronaughts. Fo'shame!

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