Diablo Universe vs. StarCraft Universe

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If you're talking game play wise

Diablo their monsters/units/whatever you wanna call it are much stronger then sc

If you're talking like both of them are real and they went to war starcraft wins
I'm pretty sure Tyrael would do a number on Kerrigan or Jim Raynor. Also, the Prime Evils don't ever really seem to die. Say what you want about Thors/Carriers/Battle Cruisers..... but Diablo's Red Lightning or Mephisto's ball of insta-gib would wreck shop on anything SC2 brought to the table.

Think about this: Diablo could easily inhabit Kerrigan, and become ZERGABLO, SCOURGE OF THE UNIVERSE.

The end.
Fantasy vs Scifi!!!

Nerd rage in 3 2 1 ...
I just want to watch a Void Ray and a crimson Ray of Frost wizard fight each other.
10/06/2011 06:33 PMPosted by Jedi
Diablo 1 had infravision, which i think would be able to work as a detector spell

Point well made.

I would totally watch that show.
10/06/2011 07:56 PMPosted by Wind
I just want to watch a Void Ray and a crimson Ray of Frost wizard fight each other.

I'd go for the wizard so long as she isn't armoured....
*imagines assimilated prime evils and angels*
Ragnaros win.
The Dark Archon's Mind Control ability is instant, permanent, irreversible, can be applied to just about anything, from mindless animals, to humans, to robots, to beings of pure psychic energy. I'm sure it'll work on angels and demons.
and then everyone dies and go to hell :D
They fought for many years and finally came to a huge battle on some strange planet.
Suddenly, a strange rain of fire falls upon them.

A Dark Portal opens.
This is a fantasy vs. sci fi argument. Pretty sure magic trumps technology. :(
10/07/2011 01:37 AMPosted by Zobo
This is a fantasy vs. sci fi argument. Pretty sure magic trumps technology. :(

Magic is just technology science cant explain yet.
An example of the most powerful thing in the Diablo world that can do endgame damage and defeat the gods of the underworld is a man who wields axes of the finest steel, and wears the strongest armor a forge could make.

An example of the weakest cannon fodder in Starcraft would be a man genetically engineered to be larger than normal, wielding a high powered rifle with magnetically enhanced rounds. His armor is an engineered high density alloy.

A decent estimate for a proper damage translation from Starcraft to Diablo would probably be 1 to 1000. A single marine could probably take a full account worth of top tier end game characters.

consider how easy the zerg kill the marines, zerlings claws do enough damage to tear them to shreds
what are we considering here? all of diablo universe vs all of sc universe?


a char vs a 200 limit base in sc2?

because im pretty sure tyreal, mendeln, uldissian, trang oul, bol kathos, and many other legendary people in diablo could very easily do some serious damage alone, then again so can d2 characters, but those characters are supposed to reach near the level of those guys

but let me illustrate something

*KINDA SPOILER* (book spoiler)
very late in the books, uldissian, and main character of the sin wars trilogy, freaks out, and starts tearing the world apart with his rage to the point tyreals like woah dude chill, ok, ok, u can have ur way

or how bout an army of summon necros led by trang oul and mendeln mixed with another army of witch doctors? and thats just doing those 2 bc that would jsut be awesome to see

add in all of the classes, and all of the legendary people, on just the good side, diablo universe seems unstoppable

but like i said before, this should be a sc2 custom game

this is, however assuming all of sanc not being destroyed by some starcraft death star (but even then it could be argued that magic would defend against such things, or even the magic to not be found)
"Who ever wins, we lose."
It would be an eternal battle and they would have to rename it Warhammer 40k since everything everyone is talking about here is pretty much how every 40k game plays out. And well blizzard stole nearly everything from Warhammer anyway which got their stuff from Gary Gygax who got it from Tolkien.

Had to add that last qualifier before someone called me on it.

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