Revision game! Change the spec above you.

So, you read the title. Here's how it works. I'll start with a spec.!Zfg!YbZbba
Explanatio of spec: Spirit gen everywhere for lots of seven sided strikes. Exploading palm for aoe damage and spirit gen. Way of 100 fists for single target damage and to blow up your bleeding exploading palm guy. Seven sided strike to blow your spirit. Breath of heaven for heals and for more spirit. Dashing strike because it's fun. Mantra of Retribution for more damage and more spirit. Passives: Gaurdians path with a 2 hander (more spirit). Beacon of Ytar (more Seven sided strikes). Guiding light (more damage).

1. Look at spec of the last person to post.
2. Change 1 thing and 1 thing only about that spec. (skill, rune, or passive, only 1 thing)
3. Post the revised spec on this thread with an explanation of what you changed and why.
4. Next person- Repeat.

If you change a skill, put in whatever rune you want.!Zfg!YcZbba

sweeping wind with an obsidian plus indigo'd way of a hundred fists sounds like it could be fun...depends on how often the periodic is on those tornadoes. It also gives a decent amount of dps boost, i feel at least.
Monk revision game isn't as popular as the other ones :(!ZgY!YcZbba</a>
I gave us Beacon of Ytar back in place of guiding light. I like both of them. And seven sided strikes more often sounds good to me!

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