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Diablo 3 is an arcade game. There, I said it. There is nothing wrong with it. It's gauntlet with D2 flavoring. It is awesome.

More onto the point this is a very good thing. It has simplified stats and skills, still allowing you to customize your character and your gear but not putting too much thought into your character and more into gameplay. This game would fit very well in an arcade with 3-5 friends. You could even have the characters saved on Blizzard servers.

Imagine using arcade stick and button controls to traverse the landscape demolishing monsters and high-fiving your friends. Every town portal lets you analyze the equipment you have collected and make any changes you want. Hell you could even put that function into a live Iphone/Droid/Windows phone app. These players could even play on battle.net with computer and console players. Yes I said console.

Another area the game fits, Consoles are simple and allow all the same functionality required. You have 4 attacks on the buttons or triggers/bumpers and your two main attacks on the other. The only area this is difficult is inventory management, which can be remedied the same way as the arcade with each checkpoint/portal being a safe haven to change inventory or have a pause screen allowing live play to continue as you manage inventory.

All in all I have enjoyed my time on sanctuary so far, even though it has been short. I believe console and arcade lend themselves very well to this game and Blizzard would be foolish not to include them. I for one would love the ability to buy a standalone Diablo 3 cabinet that did not allow online play for my home or traveling to arcades to play online with my friends taking down the many monsters in Sanctuary.

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