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Sorry, I looked everywhere and didn't find an appropriate forum for it.

Seeing as this is the Diablo Lore forum and I'm writing a short story about Diablo, it's the closest I found.

I notice the submission form has a section for "Description". Is this a short description of the story or a short bio of yourself? I thought it would be a short desc. of the story, but one of the lower options says if you're a professional writer, you should mention it in the description.

I'm not a pro writer, but that bit just made me wonder what exactly is supposed to go in the description space.

Thanks in advance.
Since you say you don't have official publishing background I'll stay clear clicking from either check boxes bellow.

Unless you are required to fill in "Description" details after submitting I would definitively add a summary of your story rather including your bio, they'll already have your contact information should they want it latter. Read the previous 2009 and 2010 "Writing Contest Finalist Excerpts" as guideline examples.

Good luck with you submission! We could use a Diablo (or StarCraft) winner!
Actually, the second check box is if I'm aspiring to become a professional, which I am, so I'll be clicking that one ;)

The problem with reading the previous winners' excerpts is that it doesn't help me in filling out the submission form, but I think I'll take your advice and provide a summary of the story. If they require a short bio of me, I'm sure they can ask me for it later. Thx :) And if I don't win, I hope I at least place!

(Of course, if anyone else knows for sure what goes in the description box or has entered the contest in the past, I'd definitely welcome your response :) ).
I've been participating in the contest since it started (went with Diablo this year!), and I've always used that field for a story description.
Awesome, thank you Frak. I'll do that then.

It's so cool that you've participated in every contest. Have you ever placed/won any of them?

Also, I don't see any specifics in the rules as to font style, font size or line spacing. I'm guessing the standard font and size will do and whether it's single or double-spaced doesn't matter?

Thanks again.
I haven't placed or won any of them. But as they say, the third time's the charm.

All my stories have been times new roman 12 pt double spaced. I'm sure they don't mind too much. They can always change the formatting themselves if desired.
I've stuck with 12pt, Times New Roman, 1.5 spaced. Blizzard's novels usually the 1.5 format, however when Blizzard's makes their short story entries open the spacing does varies from single space, 1.5, and double.

Shame, yesterday I realized I had a scrapped 2009 Warcraft "hero homage" entry that I attempted to finally complete by crunching up 2000+ more word to the already written five thousand, and tinkering up points to meet modern lore... But I couldn't fix it in time. *sad face* It does feel potential enough a Runners-Up martial.

But by 2012's contest we'll be facing new can of worms, Diablo III lore! Oh, boy.

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